Updates and Releases

Version 5.3 - June 4, 2019

Version 5.3 includes new tests:

  • Activity Multiple: IP has X Emails - when an IP has multiple emails. Default -1
  • Activity Multiple: Emails has X IPs - when an Email has multiple IPs. Default -1
  • Activity Multiple: IP has X Phones - when an IP has multiple phones. Default -1
  • Activity Multiple: Phones has X IPs - when a phone has multiple IPs. Default -1
  • Name: Profanity - Name contains profanity or high risk word. Default -50
Also added in the portal for Lead Source a new sort for Updated: New to Old and Old to New, fixed a bug for listing activity repeats in download reports, and improved back-end speeds.

Version 5.2 - May 7, 2019

Version 5.2 includes new features, tests, and some bug fixes listed below.

  • Access Control per API key for Portal users - limit the data they can view
  • Tag API paging and numbering parameters for large data sets
  • Domain Age checking extended to 60 days
  • Tagging common domains and email domains in the portal is not allowed anymore (gmail, icloud, hotmail, etc). You can still add via the Tag API, but too many clients were tagging gmail.com as bad by mistake and causing all traffic to score bad.
  • Added settings for Activity Multiple cache time frame
  • Added end date support for Report API
  • New Tests
    • Domains and emaildomains (like .tk) that are free to own. Risk Hits are Domain: Free Domain and Email: Free Emaildomain. Default score -5
    • Email: Suspect Local checking the local part of emails for high risk patterns. Default score -5. Highly recommend this scores -80 or worse if you do not want email with the F word, etc. in them.
    • Name: Improper Case checks the name for proper case. Default score -1
  • Fixed: Lead ID exact search, download reports are now filtered properly
Please email support@e-hawk.net for additional help or questions.

Version 5.1 - February 26, 2019

Version 5.1 is a minor release adding roll-up reporting for accounts with multiple API keys, domain traffic estimates as an extra charge feature, and many back-end speed improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5 - January 2, 2019

Version 5 is a major update to our platform empowering API key management, additional scoring and settings, and new tests. We have also

Please email support@e-hawk.net for additional help or questions.

Manage and create API keys, Settings and Scoring

The portal has a redesigned area for managing API keys, changing scoring and settings. In the Account menu for Admins is a new option of API Keys Setting and Scoring. From there Admins can create, regenerate, and name keys. Each key also has unique Settings and a Scoring Profile.

Each account has one primary API Key (identified with key icon). All keys support vetting (api.e-hawk.net) and feed (feed-api.e-hawk.net: Tag, Alert, Activity, Report) API calls.

Keys with access to the Community API are identified with a icon and must be used for adding/managing Community data.

Each key has separate data, reporting, tags, alerts, fingerprints, activity tracking, settings, scoring profile and is listed by name in the View select menu to filter portal data. Use icons to copy Primary key settings and/or scoring to other keys.

The screens-hot below shows the new features and how to manage API keys.

We also added two API calls for scoring profile reports for an API key:
https://feed-api.e-hawk.net/APIKEY/score/profile/?format=csv returns a .CSV file
https://feed-api.e-hawk.net/APIKEY/score/profile/ returns a JSON

Updated Scoring and Setting Areas

The Scoring Profile area has been updated to hopefully make setting custom scoring and tracking easier. We have added a download link to get your scoring details in a .csv file. Click on the Area tabs and adjust scoring. No more labels, just numbers to adjust scoring.

New tests in Email, Activity Unique, IP

In addition to improving our blacklists and pattern recognition engine, we added the following tests:
  • IP Invalid returns when an invalid IP is sent, default score is -10
  • Activity Unique These hit when a unique items, such as email, has multiple items, such as phones. Each area has hits from 2 to 5+ repeats for scoring different levels. Default scoring for all hits is -1. Adjust based on your business needs. New tests include:
    • Email from X Lead Sources - when an email has multiple lead sources
    • Email from X Campaigns - when an email has multiple campaigns
    • Username links to X Emails - when a username has multiple emails
    • Email links to X Usernames - when an Email has multiple usernames
    • Username links to X Phones - when a username has multiple phones
    • Phone links to X Usernames - when a phone has multiple usernames
    You will also see placeholders for ip to phone, and ip to email. These tests will be activated soon.

    Updated Settings

    In the settings area, per API key, you can now set set timeout=>false for all API calls. This is recommended if sending email, domain, or phone as it adds many tests to the service. The system also supports adding multiple emails to Alerts. And finally, we have removed the requirement for an IP to process API calls. The API requires a minimum of IP, Email, OR Domain to run, so you could just send an email address. Please contact support if you would like help.