Stop fraud bots fake and high risk transactions.

We make it easy to identify high risk users, so you can focus on growing your business. Real-time vetting and risk analysis.

How can Risk Vetting help your business?

Keep out Bad Actors

Keeping out miscreants, spammers, phishers, bots, and high risk users allows you to focus on good clients and growing the business. Bad Actors damage your brand and services.

Automate Access Control

For ISPs, ESPs, and any web based application, access control is critical. Limit your risk by using vetting to automate access control, provisioning, and feature sets.

Expand Your Market

Vetting streamlines your on-boarding process while limiting risk, allowing you to expand to new markets and worldwide opportunities.

Reduce Account Hijacking

Customers using weak passwords are easy targets. When account information is updated, test for high risk, and lock the account before any damage is done.

Lower Card Fraud Costs

Stolen credit cards often pass credit checks when owners are unaware of theft. Vetting your transactions provides extra levels of analysis and security that can identify high risk transactions before they are processed.

Score Leads, Increase Sales

Link vetting to your CRM system with the Form Connector and quickly weed out bogus leads. Invest your sales time with real prospects to maximize returns.

How Vetting Works


When a user clicks the submit button on your registration, purchasing, or account update page, or is added to your backend database, send the data to our vetting service via a simple API call.


Our system analyzes the data by running over 200 tests on IP, email, phone, location, domain, activity, geolocation, device and community for possible risks, and returns a Risk Score and Risk Type.


Based on risk levels, Take Action:

Set account access limits
Enable or disable features
Tag in CRM, assign for follow-up
Respond with customized content
Decline payment and cancel order

Reporting and Analytics

Dashboard views and interactive charts empower your company to track risk levels and trends.

Monitor percent of high-risk users, how risk areas and threats are trending, frequency and activity risks, and provide feedback and data to the community.
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Risk Score Charts
Risk Trends

Vetting vs. Verifying

Verification is Not Enough

Verifying data such as email or home address does not remove risk. Many bad actors create verifiable emails using fake names, forged information, and free email services. Vetting provides in-depth analysis and show risks that simple verification does not find.

Toss Captcha in the Trash

No More Captchas

They drive us nuts. They frustrate legitimate users, and typically only stop automated scripts. We believe vetting is a better way to catch bad actors. You have full control and can customize the user experience based on risk.

Risk Score

Over 200 tests on risk factors.

Geo: Address= US | IP= Nigeria
Repeat Activity
Community History
Device Risks

Vet Risk Example


Tagged High Risk Users

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How Online Identity Fraud Harms Businesses and What You Can Do About It

How Online Identity Fraud Harms Businesses and What You Can Do About It