Subscription Plans include a monthly amount of Vetting API calls to match your new registration, leads, and logins you want to test every month.

Subscription Plans - Monthly
API Calls Rate Cost
3,000 $.05 $150
10,000 $.04 $400
25,000 $.03 $750
100,000 $.02 $2,000
500,000+ $.01 $5,000

If usage exceeds monthly API call allowance, then overage is billed at plan rate.

Subscription Plans are a minimum of twelve months and include:

Online Portal with Reporting and Analytics
Risk reason metadata returned in JSON response
Community scoring and Feed API access.
Frequency and Velocity Testing with Activity Report
Campaign and Lead Source Performance Tracking
Custom Scoring and Tag API
Premium Support and best practices training

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Need more phone tests? Add phone type (Cell, Landline, nonfixed VOIP), reverse phone/name lookup, CNAM matching, and phone connected/disconnected. Contact for pricing.